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Regulations for the transportation of passengers by bus

Always Desilvestro Taxi and Travel believes that the quality of services goes hand in hand with the respect of the regulations in the field of road transport of passengers, in addition to offer the final customer a motor vehicle always in order, efficient and of the latest generationWe believe it is very important to raise awareness and to educate the customers about certain laws to which you want to follow. In recent years, much has changed in the field of public transport, with bus, and then you want to bring some of the most important laws regarding the times of guide and rest of the drivers. The duration of the driving of vehicles used for the transportation of things or persons is desciplinata from: EC regulation, if the transport is carried out within the European Community, the Swiss Confederation or the european economic area, which includes also Norway, Lichetestein and Islandaaccordo the AETR if the transport affects other states. The driving time is the time that a person spends in the conduction of a medium. The daily driving time is the total time that the driver spends actually driving of the vehicle even if outside of the EU in the twenty-four hours. This break may be consecutive or broken by a break of fifteen minutes plus thirty minutes, spread over four and a half hours of help (e.g. three hours of driving fifteen minutes, rest one hour and a half driving thirty minutes of rest). During the interruption, the driver may not carry out no duties work. The regular rest period provides Eleven hours of consecutive or broken into two periods of nine hours plus three hours (time bonus) The regular rest period may be interrupted for business needs, a maximum of two times for a maximum time of one hour. The rest period reduced provides for the reduction of the rest to nine hours allowed three times in a week is between two weekly rest periods. The rest period reduced, it can never be stopped. The driver is given the possibility to derogate from the respect of the maximum duration of the guide to reach a resting place appropriate to safeguard things or persons to be transported such a decision must, however, be documented or on the sheets of the recording of the tachograph analog, or the back of the print of the digital tachograph or on the record of service for drivers not equipped with control devices.