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Separation, divorce: maintenance son of age, up to when

Up to that age the parents are separated or divorced and have to pay maintenance to the children already magiorenniThe children, even after they have reached the age of majority must be maintained until they reach self-sufficiency. The maintenance of the adult children is enshrined in the Constitution, which stipulates that both parents have the obligation to maintain, instruct and educate the children in proportion to their income and ability to work. The judge, moreover, may have in respect of the adult children are not yet self-sufficient the payment of a cheque periodical on the part of the parents. The law provides that adult children should provide for the satisfaction of all the necessities, food, clothes, education, but also leisure and holidays. The amount of the maintenance of the adult children is based on a series of variables: from the time that he spends with each of the parents to the amount of the economic resources of the father and of the mother. The needs of a child change with time, and maintenance must be adequate to them Usually, however, as the boy becomes more independent, the allowance on the part of the parents will be less costly. If the child of legal age lives in the house with one of the two parents, the latter may claim from the other the maintenance. But as long as it is kept to a son of legal age The parents, even in the case of separation or divorce, will continue to pay for the maintenance of the children, even once you have reached the age of majority, a check that may change in the course of the years, but also be reset to zero. The maintenance is mandatory for both parents until the boys will not be autonomous from the economic point of view. YOU will have to continue to keep the children even if, instead of finding a job will continue their studies as a boy of age is not obliged to find a job to keep, but after high school may also decide to attend the university. Therefore, the maintenance of a child of legal age is not based on time but more on the circumstances. You may stop to maintain a child of age when his work will be stable and conform to its capacity. The end of the maintenance, then, will be dictated by the use occasional, from one precarious. The end of the maintenance allowance to his son (of age by a parent divorced or separated, can be done when the boy will be able to maintain themselves thanks to a job that it allows him to be independent economically. The parent, however, can stop remove the check for your child is of age, even when you realize that the young man has refused systematically to be able to continue to live at the expense of their parents. If after the extinction of the maintenance of the child should lose his job the parents are not required to resume the delivery of the cheque.