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Robbery in the villa: forty minutes of terror, a Lawyer, and the wife seized

and the wife held arm in arm by the robbers that the escorting of the room in the room because it indicated where they were kept money and precious, two steps from the Furnaces Tognana

The commando, after having terrorized the couple, ransacked as worthlessness found in the villa: cash, jewels and watches of the value of the owner, including the Rolex.

The value of the loot, still to quantify with precision, is of several tens of thousands of euros.

until they steal to lawyers and judges, to be honest I'm not sorry, and if tomorrow they went to take out the JUDGES from house to house, I the harness. Until our laws and our magistrates will be always on the side of the criminals rather than the victims, this will continue and even worse. The catholic culture of the left has always seen the thug as a 'lost sheep' rather than as a threat to the balance of the company. The results we see them on a daily basis with the growing violence not only of adults but also of children who consider themselves untouchable by the law, which always foster the offender than the victim. You want hands off Cain. With all the robberies (legal) that he has done as a lawyer (to be protected by a register). and one suffered is still in the lead We hope in a free market, and without resale price maintenance legal world. now when will be taken, the attorney will be asked to defend them in the office learn to live, especially the lawyers, when I have them to hand-do everything because you are condemned to the triple of the maximum sentence because with a judge of the pd, you may make less than one month in prison. I agree to receive promotional information, perform statistical analysis, opinion polls by the Owner, I Consent to the use by the Owner of my personal data for profiling purposes and to receive proposals and services in line with my preferences and my interests I Agree to receive promotional information, perform statistical analysis, opinion surveys by third party engineers and profilativi, both own and third parties, to improve the functionality and to send to you advertisements and content in line with your preferences.