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Parental authority

Parental authority is the power attributed to the father to protect, nurture, and educate the minor child and take care of the interests, but without use of violence on the childIn the legal systems of contemporary this power tends to be attributed to both parents, in condition of parity, and we then speak of parental responsibility.

It must be said that this evolution not only occurred at different times in the various jurisdictions, but has not yet touched the totality of the same. In Italian law the transition from parental authority to parental responsibility has occurred with the reform of the family law of, which has equated in the duties and dignity of the figures of the father and of the mother. Was abolished, in addition to the parental authority, parental authority marital The power law is the subjective legal situation which consists in the attribution of a power to a person for the purpose of protecting an interest of others.

Because common sense attributes to the term a meaning of power, in psychology and in sociology we talk about the responsibility of the parents, to stress that it puts at the centre to their point of view, but the needs and inclinations of the child, who in the same new family law is seen as an active subject, able to express opinions, orientations and inclinations and to make their own, as it is able, to its existential needs. The Legislative Decree twenty-eight December, n provides for, among other things, the replacement of the term 'parental responsibility' with 'parental responsibility' in all the rules of law.