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Legal Assistance - Legal Assistance to Private individuals and Companies

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Legal assistance is the first association of legal studies in Italy and always close to the needs of individuals and of ME. Christian Fireplace, co-founder and current president, ALegal Assistance, since its inception in, has been honored with awards from Italian and international for its excellent and innovative work in the field of legal aid, receiving certificates such as those issued by the Financial Time. The spirit which gave life and which still unites the association is to bring the best possible legal assistance to individuals, ensuring the highest quality standards and full transparency of expected costs.

ready, for advice and to take charge of your own case

The precursor of the firms on the road and the estimate of the costs for legal assistance, to A. now counts among its members numerous traditional studies. The team of lawyers that makes up the A L. is made up of professionals with many years of experience, figures that can ensure the best legal assistance possible in their respective fields of law. If you need legal assistance, do not hesitate to contact us, you'll always find a lawyer A. Legal assistance for the recovery of the commercial loans outstanding to ensure a successful fast. We can assist you right from the stage of the Preliminary Investigation with a careful examination of the facts, and the conduct of any investigations in private.