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With the word lawyer indicates a person with a first degree in law and admitted to the barThis person can be a man or a woman, and in this case you should call advocate, but many prefer to use the words lawyer, woman lawyer, woman lawyer, a lawyer (but you better not use this last word, which can have a tone of offensive or humorous). It is addressed to a lawyer when you have a problem with the law, and you need advice, or if you want to be defended in a lawsuit, or when you are accused of having committed a crime. The attorney is the one that is chosen by the client, who wants to be assisted and defended the lawyer of the civil party is the one that defends the civil interests of the injured party in court the lawyer of the office is the the defender appointed by the court for those who do not have their own attorney. The lawyers received clients at a law firm, and in exchange for the work done ask for a compensation in money which is called the plot. There are various types of lawyers depending on their specialization: the criminal lawyer that deals with criminal cases the civil lawyer, in charge of civil cases, the lawyer tributarista, an expert in issues concerning the taxes, i.e. the money that should be given to the state attorney giuslavorista, an expert on labor law lawyer wedding, specializing in matrimonial causes. A person who knows how to speak well, who knows how to convince others it is said that"he speaks like a lawyer"is a person who is very good in intrigue, it is said that"he knows as a lawyer"is a person who fights to support ideas that would be impossible it is said to be"the lawyer of the lost causes"of a person who in a discussion of supports especially ideas contrary to those of the other is said to be"the devil's advocate". This changes according to your selection.