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Is said to advocate or lawyer

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The gender equality between the sexes is a topic of undoubted interest to-day ours, especially as regards the field of equal opportunities and the recognition of equal rights between men and women, both with regard to interpersonal relationships, social and family in the businessIssues such as the gender gap, the differences in pay between men and women, the lack of recognitions of professional qualifications superior to the workers, women, or the issues related to working mothers are certainly present, discussed and relevant.

Very often, to combat what for many people has become a real battle, personal, and ideological, in favour of a feminism at times also quite extreme, it is believed that change can begin by the language, too, with a targeted use of the correct terms and, where possible, declined in the feminine, almost in a sort of linguistic education.

This applies also for the legal profession, in which professional women are almost always been called the advocate, to the equal of men, although there are corresponding forms of the female. We must, however, understand if these forms of the female professional qualification of a lawyer are correct, usable, and which they are. The question at the end is the following: is said to advocate or lawyer. In fact, this idea - as well as socially to overcome - is also disproved by the facts and by the numbers lawyers in the Italian. According to the findings from the report published by the cassa forense and up-to-date to the last thirty-one December, in our country are a total of. lawyers and enrolled at case forensics: of these. are women, and are men. As you can clearly see, then, the difference between men and women with the title of lawyer resolves in just a few thousand professionals, which affect the safe minimum, as well on the figures so high. Despite the predilection for the masculine noun, and also for the fact that in many, however, argue that in reality the issue is not only ideologically used for claims of political feminists who, in the end, leave things as they are (in fact, there is no need to really each time you have to decline all the professions) is, however, also spread the use of the other two forms of the female, advocate and lawyer.

It is, therefore, to understand, beyond the discussions on the need to use or not use the corresponding female lawyer, which of the two forms is the correct one between advocate and lawyer, and first of all, if there is one.

We can first of all consider how, from the practical point of view is used already for both of the terms: depending on the case it is in fact possible to find, in a network such as the newspapers, as well as in some specialized sites, both forms used alternately and without restrictions. In the same context of professional advocacy, however, you use - even if not very often, admittedly - both advocate that a lawyer, and then have the individual stakeholders to choose the one they deem most appropriate, or maybe playing their best, without, of course, provide explanations on the reasons of the preference expressed. As all of the colleagues will remember, for example, on the personal page of the internet site cash the forensic is always the word"advocate", abbreviated by the acronym avv. From the point of view of grammar, however, the solution is not unique: some dictionaries consider it incorrect form of lawyer, and applies only to the advocate. Of different opinion are, however, even among them, the accademia della Crusca and the encicopledia Treccani. From the point of view of purely linguistic, we are primarily talking about those that grammatically are called names female professional.

As you can read on the Treccani encyclopedia, the noun a male lawyer as the female form is the advocate that lawyer.

Between the two, in the to remember how to form the advocate is also an attribute that refers to the virgin mary and other saints in the catholic religion, the encyclopedia Treccani specifies how the lawyer is the one most commonly used. However, the Novel makes it clear that the form the lawyer would be usable not only for the professionals of the sector women, but it would also be extensible to the wives of the lawyers men, and therefore free of the title earned as a result of enabling the exercise of the legal profession.

'Law for All' is a newspaper founded by avv

The accademia della Crusca from its side, shows both forms alternately, without either of the parties may be considered a prevalent or preferable than the other. As we have seen, then, in conclusion, the question is not definitively settled, and, above all, it is necessary to consider the most relevant factor when it comes to these terminology issues: use of language on the part of all of us, in daily life. Some of the habits, vocabulary, in fact, are definitely die hard, and often are, however, linked to conceptions of subjective of the exercise of the profession itself. For many people, on the other hand, some of the terms are also very little music and almost cacophonous, and among these would seem to ultimately many fall also advocate, together with other professions (such as, for example, the minister and the president) and preferring the form of specialization. Despite having so clear, at least according to the Treccani and the Bran, both forms seem to be used without incurring noticeable errors, will then be the time, the practices and customs of use to say which of the two forms will become - if it ever will become - habitual. In this regard, demonstrating how the theme is far from dormant, is very recent the news of the adoption of a memorandum of understanding signed between the Prosecutor, the court of Bergamo and the equal opportunities Committee of the council of the order of the the lawyers, in which you are invited and we recommend the use of the term advocate in the communications to professional, preceded by the adjective dear.

The purpose, as outlined in the document, is to ensure respect for the gender difference in the professional relationships between lawyers, women judges and the court clerks, so as not to degrade the role of the avvocate - lawyers and enhance the culture of gender equality in the framework of the law.

Lawyer or bricklayer, are only the names of the professions, I see no need for storpiarli and generate confusion. The attention is to be given to the proper name, which precedes, certainly not to the genre, which here has the sense, the certainty of the identification. For a professional it is certainly useful to highlight the genre to which it belongs, but its history and his professional competence, well-summarized by the title. In other words, those who the trader has, want to understand immediately, and for the good of the profession, and the quality, just not should have weight the kind. Mica would make sense, call piloto a man just because you pilot a jet or a F car, don't you think. The same problem arises with the word mayor is correct to say mayor or the masters of the city. in my opinion it would be more correct to say the mayor rather than mayor of a Pilot or astronaut, for example, is used for both male and female, and it seems to me that there is nothing to complain. While, on the contrary, the minister boldrini has decided that the roles of women must end in A.