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How to become a judicial administrator

Lawyers, accountants and accounting experts can enrol in the register of directors judicial: published in the Official Gazette the decree on the mode of online application. For the purposes of the appointment, the administrator must be registered in the national register of the directors, courts, for which a recent ministerial decree has established the mode of entryCan enrol in the register of the directors to court those who, domiciled in Italy, have actually carried out a professional activity and are registered for at least five years: they Can sign up also those who are enrolled to these professions by at least three years, provided that they have successfully attended courses of post-graduate training relating to the management of companies or of company crisis.

For enrolment in the section of experts in business management the requirement for carrying out professional activities must be reported to the management of companies or of company crisis.

a) you are in the state of temporary ban or suspension from the executive offices of legal persons and enterprises (c) have the following final conviction to a sentence of imprisonment, even if conditionally suspended, without prejudice to the effects of rehabilitation: - for one of the crimes provided for by royal decree sixteen march, no.

(Discipline of the bankruptcy, composition with creditors, controlled administration and compulsory administrative liquidation) - for one of the crimes provided for by Title XI of Book V of the Civil Code (criminal law Provisions in the field of companies and consortia) - for a crime against public administration, against public faith, against property, against the public economy, for a time not less than six months (d) have not reported over the past ten years, disciplinary sanctions different from the warning, imposed by the professional association.

The register of directors court is held on computer at the Ministry of Justice and is distinguished in part public and part private. The public part of the register is available on the website institutional website under"board of directors legal", and is composed of web pages with free access. The information (identification data of the Administrator, excluding the tax code as visible only to those who have the right to access to the reserved area - and address of certified electronic mail) are published as data d Open type. The reserved part is kept in the computer Systems of the Ministry of justice with appropriate procedures to ensure the confidentiality and security of data. The access to the confidential part of the Register of the Directors, is, limited only to the data, by using the site, after electronic identification. To the confidential part of the Register is allowed access to the judges, to the leaders of the chancelleries which deal with the criminal matters and the secretariat of the public Prosecutor's office, and the director of the Agency or person by the latter's delegate. The access is done through the network of the Ministry of justice, after appropriate electronic identification through the ADN The submission of the application for registration in the Register is on computer and is subject to prior authentication to the Portal of telematic services (PST) which enables you to access the reserved area. By accessing the reserved area, the user can then fill out the application form, so computerized, and attach the required documents The application form and attachments, including the receipt of payment of the contribution, must be downloaded by the user, signed digitally and sent to the computer system for its processing in a mode on-line. - the applicant receives a communication via certified e-mail with the indication of the manager of the process - you create an electronic folder that contains the documents and copies of computer documents submitted by the applicant and those formed by the head. For registration in the register is due to the payment of a contribution established in a fixed amount equal to one hundred euros It is then provided with an annual contribution of seal of the register of the amount of one hundred euros that will be paid at the time of submission of the application form and subsequently by the thirty-first of January of each year. - payment, also by electronic means, postal cheque, made payable to the State treasury - deposit with other systems electronic payment or debit card, credit or debit cards or other means of payment with electronic money available in the bank or post office. Because the professors may not register as directors judicial as they are experts in the management of agricultural enterprises, and not the lawyers and the accountants.